"Hey, Al! Egypt was absolutely stunning and we had a great time. I have attached a bunch of pictures. Trafalgar guide (Waleed Allam) was incredibly knowledgeable, fun, and open about his culture, religion, and country. We really were well educated in the process.

I was not so sure about a tour and, truthfully, still am not sold 100% on them, but it was very well run logistically. If I were to do it again, I would not go down and back up on the Nile cruise boat--just one way or the other--and spend the extra time in Luxor. I could, no kidding, spend another four days, at least, in the Luxor area--the tour missed so many important sites, but we did see the key ones that everyone wants to see.

You will see pictures from our side trip to Rashid (Rosetta) to see the Punt ship reconstruction and sail on a traditional fishing vessel in Lake Barrullos east of Rashid. That was an incredible experience that not many will do!

Thanks for your help setting things up with Brendan/Trafalgar. We were pleased."

Joe Simmons
— --

Once in a lifetime trip. International first class like a 14 hour spa treatment: silk pajamas, tablecloth and full course meal and bed made-up for you by stewardess. Room overlooking the opera house, Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve, Australian Wine Tasting at a chateau, Manly Beach in January (their summer), renting/riding 2010 Harleys in Australia and New Zealand, 12 day Diamond Princess Cruise, the Fjords of Milford Sound in southern New Zealand, room overlooking Auckland Harbour and drinking with the Kiwi�s and Ozzie�s, priceless! Bucket list.

Connie and Bill Maier
— --

Dear Rio Grande Travel,

We booked an Alaskan Cruise-tour through Suzanne at your agency and would like to tell you of our experience.

We were confused trying to book this trip on our own so we stopped into your office and spoke with Suzanne. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in steering us in the right direction. One of your other agents, Al, was also helpful in answering some questions we had. You have a great staff.

We booked on the Princess Cruise Line and it was a wonderful experience. When the day came to start the trip we checked our luggage at the airport and did not see it again until we reached our cabin on the ship. The Diamond Princess is a beautiful ship and the crew was very helpful.

There was plenty to do while on board and while we were cruising. The inner passage is absolutely beautiful. Snow capped mountains on both sides of the ship. Whales here and there. Eagles everywhere. Beautiful Sunrises and Sunsets. The Glacier Bay National Park and the College Fjords were beautiful. The Glaciers were spectacular.

We also did a 4 day land tour that went very smoothly. We left the ship and did not worry about our luggage. It was always waiting for us at our room.

All in all we had a Great Experience with Rio Grande Travel and the Princess Cruise Lines.

Thank you for all your help,

Peter & Donna Daniello

Hi Von Ceil,

Thank you so much for helping to arrange our trip to Sanctuary Spa and for getting us such a great deal! It was absolutely great and I would definitely go back!! The service was outstanding! The room was really nice, the views were great, and having the small pool off our deck was very convenient. The only problem with that room was that we could hear the pool filter all night, but we put the air conditioning on which drowned out most of the sound. Otherwise it was a perfect room!

It was great to sit back and relax for a few days. The staff really did take care of everything. My sister and I took many yoga classes which were great! We went on the bike and hike for the Cholla Trail. They got me a bike that was x-small. Even though it was still too big, I was still able to go on the hike. They arranged for me to be dropped off at the trailhead. Our guide Steve was amazing! The spa was wonderful as well! The facials were good, but the massages were fantastic! I did the table thai and the lime blossom - probably two of the best massages I have ever had!

The complimentary breakfast was great! The food was very tasty throughout the whole trip.

It was a wonderful vacation and it was really nice to not have to worry about anything. Thank you for recommending this spa and resort!

Thanks again,

PS - Thanks for the cheese plate as well! That served as dinner one night and was fantastic!

Christine Cervelli

"Thanks so much to all of you at Rio Grande travel. I appreciate the work you all do always. My daughter and parents went with me. Your agent Jan was great to work with. We did an extension for scuba to Cozumel. We had an incredible time.

The water was beautiful, straw huts and just the sound of the ocean. We did a night dive, where we held octopus, saw the plankton like fire flies under the sea, large lobsters & crabs. Daytime, swim through in rock formations, a cliff to the abyss where we went 85 feet, beautiful schools of fish & coral, eels, stingrays and large barracudas. It was truly amazing!"

Thanks, Cindy

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