Reasons to Choose Franklin Travel for your Vacation Planning Needs

Travel Agents in Champaign, Illinois (IL)

As you consider the best way to make your vacation dreams come true, it is important to understand the tremendous value an experienced travel agent can be to you. Below are several reasons to choose Franklin Travel for your vacation planning needs.

Expert Advice

At Franklin Travel, we don’t make blind recommendations and hope you have a good time. Instead, we provide advice on the best things to do and see based on first-hand knowledge of your destination. Not only have our Champaign, Illinois travel agents traveled extensively, but we have destination specialists who reside and work in many different countries throughout the world.

Extra Value

Instead of looking for the cheapest options for hotels and flights, we find ways to add value to your trip by showing you how to maximize your budget. Our travel agents understand that a cheap hotel can ruin an otherwise magnificent vacation. Also, a cheap flight from an unreliable airline can cause unfortunate delays that cause you to spend most of your time fighting the airline instead of enjoying yourself. Our agents are looking out for your best interest and will help you select reliable options for hotels and airfare.

Time and Money Savings

At Franklin Travel, we know that stretching your vacation money is an important part of ensuring your satisfaction. Our Sabre and Cornerstone technology provide around-the-clock monitoring of air fares so we can provide you with the best rates possible. Additionally, instead of spending hours and hours researching your destination, our travel agents in Champaign, IL will do the grunt work for you. We make planning your vacation almost as enjoyable as actually being on vacation!

Travel Advocate

When you choose Franklin Travel for help with your vacation planning, we don’t just book your travel and send you on your way. We are committed to establishing lasting relationships with our clients through rigorous standards of integrity, professionalism and trust. If something should go wrong during your travels (missed flight, delayed flight, misplaced reservations, etc.), our travel agents will be there to smooth things out and get you back on track for a good time!

Call (217) 359-2525 to speak with one of our experienced Champaign, Illinois travel agents today!

**Franklin Travel belongs to the Champaign Chamber of Commerce, the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) and Signature Travel Network.

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