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A roundtrip, non-refundable, pre-paid airline electronic ticket, pre-paid rental car reservation and hotel reservation upon request.

844-247-0110 8:30am - 5:00pm MST
Enroute Emergency After Hours: 800-310-6714 Please use S-A2ZA
Email: [email protected]

Please contact your team traveling with you to coordinate travel before continuing the travel request.

TRSBI course held at training facility in Playas, NM

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Student Information

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TSA requires that your name on your air ticket matches exactly as it appears on your Driver's License. Verify name on form matches your Driver's License.
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Student Cell Phone
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Cell number is provided to the airline so you may be alerted should there be any disruptions to your flights.
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NOTE - We highly recommend using a personal email address as we will be sending an itinerary to you. When using company email address, we cannot guarantee you will receive your itinerary as it may be BLOCKED.
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Air Travel

Departing City Airport

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Vehicle Rental

EMRTC will provide rental vehicle transportation to the training. Should you be traveling with other passengers please coordinate with them in advance. The driver is required to be over the age of 21 and must have a valid drivers License.
1-3 people - compact to mid-size
3-4 people - Mini-Vans
If you are the driver of the rental car:
Please type your full name as the driver and list full names of any passengers.

If you are a passenger in the rental car:
Please type in the full name of your driver
Name of Driver
Passenger Name
Passenger Name
Passenger Name

Hotel Reservation

EMRTC is providing lodging onsite in Playas, NM on Sunday through Wednesday night and lodging at the Radisson Hotel El Paso Airport on Thursday night. Rio Grande Travel will handle your Radisson Hotel lodging.

Special Requests

In order to comply with Federal Travel Regulations, Office of Management and Budget Requirements, and Department of Homeland Security Grant Management Policies, Special Requests are only considered they are not guaranteed. Remember if you have questions use [email protected]

Most students will be provided a round trip airline ticket and a car rental reservation from the information provided above. In the event you have a special requirement other than the authorized travel, place the SPECIAL REQUEST in detail below.

We try to assign exit row and aisle seating if available.
Special Requests


REVIEW the information you are about to submit. It is very important that you actually read the information we provide to you.

You are authorizing a round trip airline ticket and car rental reservation. Please contact us with any changes.
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